Property Management Referral Program

I do believe in the property management referral program because property management is not easy, and not everyone is willing to deal with it. Just think how often you work with investors who are asking you to estimate a potential rental income that property may generate. I know… and then you have to stop doing what you are doing and think how to address the request. Or another scenario when property owners decide to manage the properties at their own. When first “something” happens, they start contacting you to seek for assistance. At this point or earlier, you need to remember me and refer your client. I will set you free from unneeded stress while enabling you to maximize your income without extra efforts.

When I tried to do both managing and selling/buying real estate, I realized that one is always suffers. “Done is better than perfect” is good as an emergency plan, but when it comes to property management, homeowners, and tenants, I want to make sure that all is perfect. I made my choice by dedicating my full time to managing property in Great Orlando Area. And I would love to help you, the ambitious Realtor, so you can dedicate your valuable time to what matters to you most. Check my property management referral program for Orlando realtors.

What I manage:

  • Residential properties: Long Term & Short Term
  • Commercial properties

How do I manage:

  • Property Renting
  • Property Advertising
  • Property Maintenance
  • Rent Collection
  • Property Inspection
  • Vendor Negotiations
  • Complete Accounting
  • Lease Administration

What should the property owner expect?

  • Long Term Rentals- average return on investment is 8%
  • Short Term Rentals/ Vacation homes- average return on investment is 10%
  • Commercial Rentals- average return on investment is 10%
  • 7% Management fee
  • No Lease renewal fee

What referral fee should you expect?

  • Long Term Rentals- $250 when property makes $1,000 or more per month
  • Short Term Rentals/ Vacation homes- $500 for single family home with private pool
  • Commercial Rentals-$250 when property makes $1,000 or more per month

Why Mila Realty property management services are different?

  • Tenant placement takes only 10 days
  • In-house property management team
  • Fast communication
  • Free rental analysis within 1 hour

Interested to learn more about property management referral program? I can be reached by phone: 407-494-6018, by email: [email protected]. Call, text, email, Whutsup, or quick Starbucks meeting, I am here for you. Let’s get connected today!


Valentina Naumenko

Mila Realty, Broker/Owner

Property Management Referral for Realtors in Orlando